Klepper MARLIN with carbon frame

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Klepper Marlin carbon frame is crafted using cutting-edge carbon fiber technology, with a length of 12'6" and a weight of around 45 LBS; this high-performance kayak pushes the boundaries of speed, agility, and durability, delivering an unparalleled experience on the water.

Carbon fiber is known for its exceptional durability, making it highly desirable for various applications that require strength and longevity. Klepper uses German-made carbon material which is highly resistant to corrosion, impacts, and UV damage. It can withstand the harsh elements encountered during kayaking, such as saltwater, rocks, and rough handling.

The carbon frame provides excellent structural integrity and stiffness, ensuring that the kayak maintains its shape and performs optimally in various water conditions. It also enhances the kayak's responsiveness and maneuverability.

The Klepper innovative carbon frame kayak is incredibly lightweight. At around 45LBS, this kayak is designed with a collapsible frame and skin system, allowing them to be folded down into two small size packing bags.

The rods are made of ash wood because of the bending technical requirement.