Comfort seat, foamed seat and backrest

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The comfort seat consists of a foamed seat and backrest. The backrest of the comfort seat can be adjusted upwards or downwards by a total of 6 cm within 4 steps. You can use our booster seats to achieve an optimal height for paddling. They are available in 3 cm, 6 cm and 9 cm height. To ensure the stability of the coaming the seat is supplied with a support tube, for this it is important that you specify the desired seating position.The sliding seat "Comfort" is suitable for all Aerius models.

Dimensions: Height with backrest approx. 31 cm, max. width approx. 38 cm, max. depth approx. 38 cm.

Weight: 5lb

Delivery: 1x Sliding seat "Comfort" - foamed seat and backrest