9th Sep 2022

Klepper Marlin released

Introducing the all new Klepper Marlin

The Klepper Marlin is a compact and dependable single seat folding kayak made by Klepper, the world's finest and oldest folding kayak company from Germany.

With a length of 380 cm, the Klepper Marlin offers a good straight line and enormous maneuverability. It is smaller and faster than other Klepper models, yet offers the same stability, you can count on from Klepper.

Weighing about 22 kg and packed into two specially designed waterproof carrying bags, the Klepper Marlin is fantastically easy for one person to carry alone. Whether transported by car, checked in for a flight, or carried as baggage on a train or bicycle trailer, this compact kayak is a must have for anyone with a mobile lifestyle.